Holiday Gift Guide: Main Man Edition

I think the best part of the holiday season is gift giving. I consider myself a very good gift giver, and spend months planning! My favorite person to buy for is my boyfriend because I love surprising him with meaningful gifts he isn’t expecting! So, first up on the gift guide series is gifts for your main man, whether that be your boyfriend, husband, dad, brother.

Saddleback Briefcase: My boyfriend is obsessed with all things Saddleback, and he helped me make this list, so needless to say I had to include this briefcase. If I could afford it, I’d buy one for him and one for me because I think this bag is so good looking I would love to use it daily.

Raybans Foldable Wayfarers: An update to the classic Rayban Wayfarer is this awesome foldable pair. It folds down to about 1/2 the size of the classic model and has a cute little case too. Perfect for tailgating, going out, and just generally better for a guy who maybe isn’t as careful with his accessories.

Michael Kors Watch: A good watch collection is important to me, and is a great gift to pass down through the family. Plus, they’ll wear it every day and think of you! Bonus points if you get it inscribed.

Incipio iPhone Case: iPhones are expensive, and how can you live without one? (Well, I don’t have one… but that’s another story…) This protective case is waterproof so he can take his music, texting, tweeting, in the shower with him. Or the pool.

L.L. Bean Beanboots: Guys look so handsome in bean boots! Pair them with some khakis, a flannel, and a fleece vest and you got yourself a Christmas picture.

Nike Fuel Band: We have the Jawbone Up bands, but this new Nike Fuel band is awesome. It counts your daily steps and activity and tells you the time. Plus, it comes in a cute pink color for you. I’d be lying if I was tempted to swap my Up for a Fuel band.

Puppy: A puppy is the greatest gift you could get or give at any time during the year. And giving a puppy benefits you too because you get to snuggle and play as well! Our dog Chewy is the best thing that has happened to us. 🙂

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