2013 Recap

What a year it has been. I can’t tell if 2013 flew by or went slow – so much happened that January seems so far away yet a year ago today seems like it was just yesterday. What happened in the life of Rachel this year?


I went to New York to attend IFB Con, which was amazing and restarted my love of blogging. If you’re ever in need of inspiration, just go to New York City.


I moved to my first post-grad apartment! This sealed the deal for my new “grown up” life. And I am still, to this day, decorating. I don’t think any place I live will ever be fully “complete” because what’s the fun in ending home decor shopping? I’m constantly finding new decorations!


Met up with my blogger besties in Charlotte! Love these girls and can’t wait for our 2014 reunion!


Andy and I adopted our sweet puppy Chewy! What a blessing he has been to our lives. I honestly don’t know what would make me happier than him! I’m fighting the urge to post every single photo of him ever taken…

Follow him on Instagram @chewytheaussie!


I got a new job! Still loving it, still buying tons of new work clothes. Incredibly blessed to have the opportunity which has brought so much happiness the past couple months.

What happened in your life in 2013? Here’s to the new year!

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