2014 New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t care if resolutions are never accomplished, making them shows that you are going places. Right? I like to make goals and I try to do it monthly. I’m happy to say I accomplished a big goal in 2013 on the very last day of my deadline. Talk about last minute, am I right? What’s on my goal sheet for 2014?

Budget. I, like most other bloggers, am a bit of a shopaholic (just a bit though). Although I do enjoy going shopping, having new clothes, putting new outfits together, I just can’t spend like I did in 2013. I plan on spending less on clothes in general, making my own meals so I’m not spending on restaurants, and being conscious of the “cheap” purchases that really add up. I’m going to use Mint to keep me on top of my bills and accounts – this may be the hardest!

Read More. I think this is a resolution every year, and I never get around to it. I so enjoy reading, but I just never do it. Whether it’s blogs, books, or magazines, I hope to read at least 1 book every month and review them on GoodReads! I also want to start each day with a daily devotion and journal. Have any good new book suggestions? Leave them below!

Exercise More. Boring, this is everyone’s resolution. I barely ran in 2013, it was probably the least amount of exercise I’ve ever had. I’ve started running with Chewy and hopefully I will get to sign up for a few 5k’s (or even 10k’s later in the year!) to keep me on track.

Blog More. I’ve only been posting 3 times a week and sometimes that’s not enough, sometimes it’s too much. I already started an editorial calendar for January planning for 5 days a week and I really want to schedule some posts to stick to it!

What are your resolutions? Any similarities?

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  1. I just started my blog so one of my new years resolutions is to get that going and try to post pretty often 🙂 I too am I pretty big shopaholic and I’ve found there is not much I can do to resist it except try to find one thing to save up for then I am less willing to buy little things I don’t really need.