Atlanta Snowstorm ’14

The “light dusting” aka “half inch” of snow that was supposed to hit Atlanta turned into 2″ and massive ice and traffic all over the city. I’m sure you saw the news and many tweets making fun of all of us for freaking out over “nothing”, which isn’t “nothing” when I, still 2 days later, have yet to see a salt truck of any kind. Georgia just isn’t equipped for any change in the normal routine. 
Regardless, I left work early on Tuesday, had Wednesday off, and now get to go into work late today. Needless to say, Andy, Chewy, and I had a great time running through the snow – besides the fact that Andy had to abandon his car about 1.5 miles from home and still isn’t able to retrieve it due to an icy hill. But snow always makes for great photo opps – so enjoy!
Praying for more snow!
His and hers

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