Dermalogica Microzone Treatment Review

After attending the Dermalogica grand opening event, Dermalogica offered me the chance to come in and try out a microzone treatment. Of course I said yes… I’m quickly becoming Dermalogica’s biggest fan.
Going into the treatment, I knew I needed something to treat my dry skin. I have combination skin that’s mostly dry, with some hormonal acne (around that time of the month…) on my chin. I don’t have terrible skin by any means, but it has increasingly been harder to keep up with as I get older. I’ve never had so many issues (acne and dryness) as I have the past year and a half!
I had a half day at work and it was Valentine’s day, so I knew I should treat myself to a little pampering. I walked into the spa and was instantly greeted and offered tea (a side note it was the most delicious raspberry tea, thanks Rachel!) and I felt incredibly comfortable and relaxed. Then I got to venture into the awesome microzone treatment area.

Here is where Tia started what could be my best 30 minutes of 2014. I didn’t want it to end. She started out by explaining the “Moisture Boost” treatment I was about to receive and what it would do for my skin. I knew I was in good hands. Plus Tia has the most soothing voice. At each step, she described what products she was using and why they were effective, how to use them at home, and answered all of my questions. At one point, there was just warm steam floating over my face and it was amazing. Tia also diagnosed light sensitivity on my cheeks which explains why my face gets flushed so easily. After two steps, I could already feel my skin getting softer and more moisturized. 

My skin analysis and recommendation worksheet
Afterwards, my face had never felt better! And it looked smooth and bright which was my main goal. Plus, I was more relaxed and felt confident in how great my skin already looked and felt. Dermalogica suggests getting a microzone treatment every 4-6 weeks and I will no doubt be back. They have different treatments depending on what your issue is that particular day. Hopefully I won’t be having any crazy breakouts out anytime soon, but I’m confident they’d be able to fix it.
If you are near a Dermalogica, especially in Atlanta, I highly suggest stopping by the shop for a quick treatment. It takes only about 30 minutes, you learn so much about your skin and how to treat it, and it feels so pampering while being extremely affordable!

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