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My obsession with athletic clothes is no joke lately. I hate to say it (super embarrassed) but I go to T.J. Maxx at least 3 times a week to look at the workout clothes just in case they get in a huge new shipment of things I’ve never seen before. This has yet to happen, but I still walk away with one pair of pants or a pullover each time. Why? I have problem, that’s why. I need help. Help?

No, don’t help. Because I just discovered (thanks to my trendy sister) Fabletics. It’s in the same family as JustFab, but without the annoying commercials plus it was co-founded by one of my all time woman crushes, Kate Hudson. Do you like BirchBox? Barkbox? (Review on that coming soon…) Love LuluLemon but hate the price tag? Then you must check this service out.

She’s actually perfect. (via)

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the subscription service (if you haven’t, read this post on some of my favorites) but Fabletics is a little bit different. Unlike most other subscription “boxes”, Fabletics sends you many different options for your box at the start of each month, then you choose which one you like the best. So each month, you are given so many different outfit options, most of which are $50. For example, $50 gets you a sports bra, pair of pants, and a top. That’s the same (or less!) price as an outfit from Target! If you don’t like any of the options (or you overspent last month’s Starbucks budget) you can defer the month.

PLUS, right now they’re giving you 50% off your first outfit! I just got this amazing 2-piece, Lulu look alike sports bra and awesome pants for only $25. Today I also spent $25 at T.J. Maxx on one pair of running capris, so needless to say I will be taking those back.

Another awesome part of this deal, I ordered tonight and am guaranteed to get my outfit by the 10th (with free shipping). Quick + free shipping is a huge plus in my book, and I’m too excited to get my mail. Be looking forward to a review on this awesome new service next week!

Will you try it out?

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  1. But seriously, are you reading my mind?? I just signed up for Fabletics last week! I haven’t bit the bullet on what to order just yet bc I am nervous about the pants with me being so short. I am loving all of their stuff and I have a feeling that its good quality. I am guilty of buying el cheapo Target brand and then it falling apart. Let me know once you get your goodies I need an honest review 🙂