Apartment Tour: Bedroom

Since I only have one month left in my apartment… I think it’s about time I share some pictures of it. I can’t say that it was ever truly “finished” but are you ever really finished decorating a home? I know my mom isn’t so I’m just going to assume you spend your entire life finishing you home. (Plus I like my weekly HomeGoods trips.)

Comforter is from Anthropologie.

I am really in love with my bed. Not only do I have a feather mattress topper, but I also have a foam topper. Just a little extra softness. Plus my comforter looks like a big fluffy wedding cake and nothing is better than a huge fluffy comforter, am I right?
Perhaps I will take some photos of my living room within the next 2 weeks before it’s all packed up. I really love how I decorated it and know my next place will be even cuter!

p.s. Don’t forget tomorrow’s Top 5 Tuesday: Favorite Jewelry post!

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