Instagram Outfit Update + Top 5 Tuesday Topics

I’ve been posting a lot of my outfits lately on Instagram – most likely because I’ve been shopping much to often and my bank account is not happy. My closet is overflowing. I should be downsizing my closet and getting rid of unworn items before my move, but I’m just adding more! Oh well.  Follow me! @rachelregal_


Top 5 Tuesday Topics Through May!
April 15: Warm Weather Shoes (Thanks for the topic Bre!)
April 22: Home Decor Ideas (Could be your own or Pinterest finds, or a mix!)
April 29: What’s in My Purse (Purse not included, but show it anyways!)
May 6: Summer Wardrobe Wishlist
May 13: Summer Beauty Essentials
May 20: Summer Beach Reads
May 27: Summer Activities
See how prepared I am?? I’m giving you guys almost 2 months notice for our topics! These topics will also be posted on my sidebar for easier reference through the next few months. Be sure to link up and send me your topic ideas!

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