My Skin Care Routine: Dermalogica

Ever since I tried out a few Dermalogica products at the Dermalogica Grand Opening and during my spa treatment, I’ve been obsessed with the products. I was so thankful to receive a box of products in the mail one day! As soon as I got it, I immediately washed my face and used every. single. product. Honestly, it felt like a mini-spa day. Except I didn’t have to spend any money, didn’t have to leave my house, and I could watch Girls while I did it. I rarely do more than wash my face and put some lotion on, so this really felt like a treat.
I start with the precleanse, which is one of my favorite products, which is basically a cleanser and oil remover that really primes your face to be cleansed the right way. Next I use the daily microfoliant which is the. best. It’s a powder that turns into a gritty scrub and is perfect for smoothing and brightening your skin. I follow up with the cleansing gel and end with the skin smoothing cream. My face is randomly sensitive sometimes, so if it’s a little red I’ll spray with the calming mist. Afterwards, my skin feels amazing and it’s so much brighter!
The whole process takes about 20 minutes and it’s so relaxing and worth it!
If you haven’t tried Dermalogica products, I highly suggest you start out with the precleanse and the daily microfoliant. I think you can get samples from any Dermalogica counter!
What do you use daily?

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  1. I’m currently really into serums. I use any type of serum together with my expressions beauty bar facial massager. It’s been working great for me but I haven’t tried or hear of Dermalogica before. Could they possibly have serums for me to try? 🙂