What to Wear to a Summer Wedding (Part 1)

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What to wear to a summer wedding? So glad you asked!

I will be attending 6+ weddings this year starting tomorrow through October. Talk about a lot of love! I do have a soft spot for weddings – I would really love to be a wedding planner or work for a wedding planner or just help out with someone planning. So if anyone out there is reading this and needs help… I volunteer.

One of the best parts about attending a wedding is definitely getting to dress up. Most weddings (at least the ones I’m invited to) aren’t formal enough where you have to wear a full length gown, but you still get to wear a fancier dress than on a normal night out.

For all you girls out there looking for the perfect wedding guest outfit, shop away in my mini-wedding boutique below. And keep an eye on my SHOP tab at the top of the page. I’m always saving cute sundresses and shoes! (Can’t forget the shoes.)

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