Don’t Miss It! The Anthropologie Red Tag Sale

The Anthropologie Red Tag Sale is here! Or it has been here for a couple weeks now. But never fear because it’s sticking around a little longer. Naturally, I only shop the Anthropologie sale section. It’s the only way I’ve ever shopped there so I guess I’m stuck in that habit but I’m not embarrassed to say it especially now that this amazing sale is happening. [Use code BUZZ20 for extra 20% off!!]

Ever since I stopped by the sale in Savannah, I’ve been obsessed with Anthropologie. This latest obsession might also be due to wanting to decorate a new apartment, but either way now is the time to stock up on all the Anthro goodies. Exhibit A: the clothes.

I mentioned Anthro home decor – it’s amazing. I only own bowls from Anthropologie. Half my mugs come from there. I don’t remember the last time I bought a comforter from another store… sophomore year of college. Exhibit B: home decor.


What are you looking to snatch up or what did you already discover? Show me your finds!

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  1. Sorry for the absolutely random comment, but what did you do/how do you display items and products like that at the bottom of your blog post… is that a widget? Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. Absolutely love Anthropologie! It seems like any of my “staple” clothing items always come from there. I try to stick to the sales section as well – however, sometimes I am definitely drawn in and find myself spending more than I planned! But always worth it. 😀