Frat Shirts: My Guilty Pleasure

If you grew up in the South, you’re no stranger to frat shirts. Especially if you’re in college or graduated within the past 3 years. Maybe I’m trying to relive my glory years – or more like I just wish I was 20 years old again. What I would give to be back in my house in Athens, going to class and taking “tennis” as my P.E. class. In actuality, I really really loved going to class.

But one of my favorite parts of being in college was my dress code. No, I wasn’t one of those people who wore XXL t-shirts and Nike shorts with cowboy boots every single day but I might have worn a combination of those items once or twice. T-shirts are kind of my thing… and who says grown-ups (and by grown-up I mean 24, but still looks 18) shouldn’t be allowed to wear them? Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite tee companies:

Peach State Pride

I am obsessed with Peach State Pride. I love the little peach symbol and of course I have the car decal! It probably helps we share the same symbol so we really are kindred spirits in a blog to company type of way. Also, I desperately need this Georgia tank – Go Dawgs. (I even wrote a post about them in 2011! That’s everlasting love.)

Vineyard Vines

Vineyard Vines was an acquired taste for me, to be honest. Of course I really love the whale – I mean, how cute is that? But no offense to anyone who wears it, I’m not a fan of their Women’s clothing. The Men’s line however? Love it. The t-shirts are incredibly soft and I love the vibrant pastel colors. Also a huge fan of the Shep Shirt and the button downs.

The Frat Collection

The Frat Collection Just Peachy Blog

Remember when I said Vineyard Vines was comfortable? Well the Frat Collection is even better. I still wear my long sleeve religiously and the best part is it’s still oversized and hasn’t shrunk at all – score! The best part is, they’re fully customizable so you choose your shirt color and your pocket pattern. Just go to their site and play around for a few hours – but it’ll make your decision harder I promise.

What other tee companies am I missing? Send me your favorites!

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