Lily and Laura Bracelets from 9th & Elm

Lily and Laure Bracelets from 9th and ElmI was a little late to the Lily and Laura trend, I’ll admit it. Until I saw some other bloggers wearing the more neutral colors and I started opening my eyes to the huge bowls of them by all of our local boutiques cash registers. Then I happened upon a big sale of them at 9thandelm.com and it was history from there. These bracelets are so cute!

Lily and Laure Bracelets from 9th and ElmI love that they are a Fair Trade company that pays their artist in Nepal more for their hard work. I mean, I make jewelry but these things are complicated bead patterns! I can’t imagine how long it would take to make or design one. 9th & Elm had them on sale 3 for $29 so I got an awesome deal on this set. I don’t normally gravitate towards hot pink or fuchsia but the teal and silver totally balance it out.

Lily and Laure Bracelets from 9th and Elm Lily and Laure Bracelets from 9th and Elm

If you’ve never used 9th & Elm before you most definitely need to check it out! It’s similar to Gilt and RueLaLa in that it’s a limited time sale site stocked full of amazing deals and products plus they focus on handmade and indie artists so you know you’re discovering the coolest new stuff. Like this awesome bangle set (for only $24!) made with guitar strings!

9th and Elm
I highly suggest looking at 9th & Elm for your next gift or if you just want to treat yourself to a new piece of jewelry or clothing! They have free shipping and it’s QUICK which always warrants extra points in my book.


This post was sponsored by 9th & Elm, however, all opinions are my own. Pinky promise! 

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