Book Review: Friendship by Emily Gould

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Intro: I heard  a lot of talk about this book going into it – mainly on Twitter (about the author’s feud with Girls star Lena Dunham) and on Pinterest about how it was a must read of 2014 so I was very excited to read it!

What It’s About: Two girls in their late 20’s/early 30’s living in New York City. Or more like, trying to find their way in New York City. The book chronicles the ups and downs of the girls’ relationships, jobs, families and their friendship (obviously) in the midst of a big life change between being young and growing up and maturing.

** Spoiler Alert! Don’t read my thoughts if you’re planning on reading the book! I may give away clues to the storyline.

My Opinion: I went into it thinking this was going to be one of those awesome books about friendship in your twenties, when you’re just growing up and really making a sincere connection with your BFFs for life. But, that’s not really what I got. I felt like the characters were much more immature than I am and they’re in their 30’s. Maybe this is how New York City is (probably true) but it almost got on my nerves.

There’s every growing-up, 20-somethings cliche in this book including a semi-dysfunctional friendship, semi-dysfunctional relationship, quitting a job, getting a job, pregnancy, love affair, etc. Not that all of these things don’t happen to 2 people at one time, but still.

Like most books I’ve read lately that I find “just okay”, I didn’t truly enjoy it until the end. It was actually quite boring until the very last 2 chapters or so, as it gets kind of sad. Of course there’s a happy ending and you’re left with a fairly clear image of where the girls will go from  there. That being said, I actually really liked the last chapter – it made me warm and fuzzy inside and made me smile.

All in all, it was a very realistic book about the ups and downs of life and friendship. Did I learn much from it? No. But it does remind me to keep my pride out of every relationship while making sure I’m putting effort into my most important friendships.

It’s an easy and quick read, but it’s not my favorite book ever.

3.5 out of 5 Stars

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