Rug Obsessed

The countdown to the big move is now updated to only THREE more sleeps! I really honestly can’t hold my excitement in much longer. I haven’t been surrounded by my own stuff or furniture or have my own closet in 3 months. That’s almost considered torture. But I’m even more excited to show you guys everything I’ve planned decor-wise!

I guess I’ve really matured now that I’ve hit 24 because I am obsessed with buying rugs. I’ve already bought 3 (one outdoor, one entryway, one for my office) and I’m still needing 2 more – one for my living room and one for the dining room.


It’s taking all of my willpower not to go out and buy that first one (because I’m obsessed with Ashley’s!) from Ikea. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a rug. Is anyone in the mood to buy a housewarming present? It would look amazing under my farmhouse table, just saying. I’ve been stalking HomeGoods and found some contenders but nothing will live up to that Ikea. (sigh).

Where do you find affordable/cute rugs?

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