Since my last Instagram update, I’ve basically flipped over to full time interior design blogger. Not really, just a dream of mine, but really. Are you guys tired of seeing my apartment yet? I sure hope not because I’m not tried of bragging on it just yet. I started the month with this:

I pretty much finished my dining room from the ground up, literally with a rug which I am not 100% sure I’m keeping yet, a handmade dining room table and some pretty plate chargers. So what am I missing? Oh, just dining room chairs. But give it time and they will come (or some quote like that…)!

I filled up a huge closet that I thought was going to be much, much to large for all of my clothes. I even put a rug in there! Why? I don’t know. But since this photo I’ve added a double shoe rack and another dresser. I think it’s safe to say the large closet is causing a bit of a hoarding issue in my life.

Sorry, Chewy just loves his new home too. We got our new couch delivered and it’s kind of awesome. Also, yes we made the coffee table. DIY addicts.

And I added “shelf stylist” to my LinkedIn profile/resume. I think that’s a thing and hopefully it allows me to bring in the big bucks. But I am really thinking about offering my services because what was once a cluttered built-in bookshelf that I didn’t love is now one of my favorite parts of my home.

And as if you needed another reason to run out to Hob Lob all of you Pinterest-loving, DIY mavens, Hobby Lobby has the greatest home decor. I can’t even begin to explain how excited I was to find this terrarium and the silk flowers are amazing.

In non-decorating areas of my life, not much is up. Chewy had his final play date with his best friend Lincoln (our neighbor at Andy’s apartment) and he had a grand old time. I somehow think that they knew it was their last time together because they were playing so sweet with each other. Dogs are smart like that you know.

I got very excited for September and also a little paint happy at the big Michael’s sale… you will be seeing many paintings on the Instagram from me in the near future. Go ahead and buy one! They’re original! But I have a great feeling about this month. Bring it on!

And then football started and I wore red and black to commemorate it. Go Dawgs!

I couldn’t stop wearing Kendra Scott.

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