Stylish Gym Essentials

I love creating outfits but I really love creating cute outfits for the gym (thanks in large part to Nike). Here are my stylish gym essentials every girl needs in her gym bag:

Since I moved, Flywheel is just a bit too far for me to go to 4x a week, so I’ve decided to join the local LA Fitness. Plus, the monthly membership there is less than 2 classes at Flywheel so I’m kinda lucking out here. I’ve been to a couple trial classes, and I don’t love them like Flywheel but it’s nice to have a variety for a huge fraction of the cost. Tonight I’m trying yoga and I’ve never done it before!

I’m really into the Garmin Vivofit right now and I really, desperately need it – in the mint color of course. I’ve been considering buying a Polar Heart Rate watch to track my running and time at the gym and I already own a Jawbone Up to track my activity during the day. This combines the 2 and it’s super cute and tells the time, so naturally I NEED it.

I also highly recommend scouring your local Victoria’s Secret Pink section to find these huge water bottles. I would not be able to survive the gym without them! They’re the best water bottles I’ve found because 1) they’re huge 2) they easily fit a bunch of ice 3) they have a sports top so it’s easy to drink while walking or running without spilling or gulping too much 4) super cute! I have one with a tiger on it – rawr.

I now use my Longchamp as a gym bag because it fits tons of stuff and it’s waterproof so the sweat doesn’t ruin the bag and you can throw your water bottle in there. Plus, it’s not too fancy looking and is easy to clean.

I don’t own these Dre Beats but I mean, how awesome are they? I’d totally envy a girl wearing these at the gym. Just add them to my wishlist – they’re not coming off any time soon.

PS if you love good quality fitness clothes, frequently buy them monthly, and are looking for unique styles that are like Lululemon but cheaper and embrace a woman’s natural body check out Fabletics!! I get a new outfit every single month and the leggings are amazing!

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