You Need One of These Fall Hats

The Perfect Fall Hat
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If you’re anything like me, you’ve been loving the fall weather this year. I think this fall is one of the most enjoyable ones weather wise! It was quick to cool off and it’s been steady near the 70’s (except for Monday and this weekend which were in 80’s but let’s be honest I barely left my apartment). I’ve been stocking up on fall clothes: flannels, denim, vests and now I need a fall hat.

Dress them up with a flowy dress and a fur vest, or dress it down with a band tee and some jeans. Obviously you gotta wear your favorite fall booties with these bad boys. Style your hair with some boho waves and you’re good to go for any occasion!

Which is my favorite? The navy feather. So cute. Help me find my hat! If you’ve found one recently, tell me where!

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