Black Friday Survival Kit with Shopular

It’s that time of year again! My favorite time of year for 2 reasons. 1) Thanksgiving is my favorite food. Yes, all of it. (Actually that’s a lie, I don’t like the Turkey. All of the sides, please and double on the stuffing.) 2) BLACK FRIDAY! No self-proclaimed semi or professional shopper can pretend that Black Friday is not their 2nd favorite holiday of the year only after Christmas. I love staying up late and shopping from midnight through 6am but I must admit, it takes a lot out of you. So I was extremely relieved to receive this little box of heaven from Shopular in the mail just in time for Black Friday!

Black Friday Survival with Shopular Black Friday Survival with Shopular Black Friday Survival with Shopular Black Friday Survival with Shopular Black Friday Survival with Shopular Black Friday Survival with ShopularWhat’s Inside?

Shopular Stress Ball: Shopular is going to save you hundreds even thousands on Black Friday this year. I know what you’re thinking, with this little red stress ball? You’re crazy. My dog will chew that up in 2 seconds flat. To which I say, yea. Same. Chewy would have it eaten and digested in little over 5 minutes. But no, this stress ball is just a fun distraction from how long you’ve been waiting in line! The Shopular iPhone APP is the real deal. It already has tons of Black Friday deals on it and plenty more coupons to go along with it leading up to the big holiday. I’ve already used it to find gifts for my Gift Guides and I already saved all of the Black Friday deals I want on there. Trust me when I say, this is THE app to go to find the best Black Friday deals at all your favorite stores.

Quest Nutrition Energy Bars: I’ve heard all about these delicious nutrition bars on various healthy eating Instagrams. Apparently if you pop that chocolate chip cookie dough flavored bar in the oven for a few minutes it tastes just like the real thing. So yes, I will take that and Cookies and Cream please and thank you! You get hungry waiting in the Target line for hours when nothing but McDonald’s is open! These are a sweet treat plus they’ll boost your energy and they’re good for you.

Crazy Rumours Lip Balm: So like I was saying, when it’s 3am outside your favorite SuperTarget and you know you have 3 hours left (so they’re opening on Thanksgiving Day this year, that’s no fun!) the wind is whipping through your post-Thanksgiving semi-curled hair and your lips are dry and cracked. Always and I mean always have lip balm on hand. This lip balm is not only cute and soothing but is vegan and natural too! Use promo code Shopular to get 20% off!

Dearfoams Slippers: I’m not gonna lie, I have to wear my Ugg boots on Black Friday. It’s too cold not to! But when I get home, I jump right into some warm and cozy socks. But a soft and squishy pair of slippers sounds just heavenly. Your feet will be just as cold and tired (if not more) as you are so slip these babies on and you’ll feel like you’re floating. They’re made with foam, it’s basically a tempurpedic bed for your toes.

Vermints Breath Mints: Gotta have them. You’re going to be awake and in public for more hours than you slept the night before, coupled with the copious amounts of coffee you’ll be drinking to stay awake, mints are just a given. Plus I eat mints when I’m bored or getting hungry which if you’re waiting in any kind of line, will happen. And they double as a way to make friends with the people around you by offering them a mint. Did I mention they were gluten-free, organic, non-GMO, nut-free AND kosher? Yes anyone can have them. Use code A07MGX0M1D6B for 25% off!

Foot Petals Insoles: Let’s rewind to before you get to slip your feets into those clouds aka slippers. You’ll be running around the mall like a maniac grabbing up every blanket scarf and flatscreen TV you see (right?) so if you’re not wearing comfortable shoes, you’re not going to snag the good stuff. Just tryin’ to keep it real. Add these little insoles to your shoes and they will not only put an extra spring in your step, but provide you long lasting comfort and prevent stink. Win-win.

Simbihaiti Hair Ties: You won’t be able to snag the last Tickle Me Elmo with your hair flying about, so throw it up in a top knot with these hair ties and you’ll be on your way. Plus, you know you won’t want to wash your hair in the morning so these crease-free ties will leave your hair just as beautiful as it was before you set out to do damage on your credit card. The best part? A portion of every sale of these hair ties goes directly to help Haiti install water filtration systems throughout the country.

Cosmetic Boulevard Coffee Scrub: That’s it, you’ve made it. You got your 12 piece-of-bread toaster, your 80″ TV and even an XBOX which you only bought to watch Netflix. You’ve not only survived Black Friday, but you’ve won it. Take a little nap, then wake yourself up by indulging in a little homemade coffee scrub. The caffeine will give you a boost of energy (maybe you’ll even mount that TV), plus scrub away the dead skin, moisturize your cold skin and leave you feeling and looking better all over. Job well done, shopper.

So who’s with me? Who’s braving the cold and crazy deal shoppers for a little Black Friday fun?

This post is sponsored by Shopular, however, all opinions (as always) are truthful and my own!

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