Minted + Southern Living – Cakes & Cards Event

Tuesday night I was honored to be able to attend the Cakes and Cards event hosted by Minted and Southern Living. Minted was (extremely!) nice enough to gift me with some holiday cards and I was able to pick out 3 different designs for the next 2 holidays! I’m so happy because this is the first year I’ve really sent any type of card out for the holiday.

I spent a long time designing my cards on Minted’s website because it was truly that fun. Maybe it’s just the graphic designer in me, but there are so many different designs, font options, colors and details to play with that it was one of the most enjoyable experiences. The best part (I thought) was that you can upload a photo and it automatically inserts in each card option so you can see how it looks before going through the trouble of opening the page and designing it! Genius!

I had a little impromptu photo shoot with Chewy a couple hours before I designed my card. Super excited to finally be able to show this cute picture I took of him:

Chewy Dog in the Leaves

This completely staged but completely adorable photo showed up on my Thanksgiving card – which turned out to be my favorite one. I love the design and I was completely able to design it my own with different colors. I even changed the font size and moved it around to fit all of our names.

Minted and Southern LivingMinted and Southern LivingChewy even got some face time on the card pickup table. He kept getting so many compliments it’s as if he was there. Except if he was there he probably wouldn’t be getting any compliments because he would have destroyed the food, tables and everyone around him within 5 minutes of being there. We’re trying to work through his energy…

But of course, for our Christmas cards we chose even more Chewy photos. It’s just much easier to throw on a few cute dog pictures than to actually sit down in front of the camera and take your own pictures, am I right? I mean people send photo cards of their kids all the time, so this is normal. (Someone tell me this is normal.)

Minted and Southern Living Minted and Southern LivingThat cute card right there is an ornament card!! How genius is that? I loved the idea as soon as I saw it and knew I had to get it. A lot of my friends and family are big ChewyTheAussie (on Instagram – follow along!) fans and I thought a great way to share Christmas spirit would be to plaster his face on an ornament and call it day. Not only is this a great, unique card people will actually stop and look at, but your friends and family will hang it on their tree, look at it all season and then reuse it next year. Genius I tell ya.

Minted and Southern Living Minted and Southern LivingMinted and Southern LivingAfter writing notes and sealing envelopes, we were ready to ship our cards off. But not before we were presented the latest issue of Southern Living (not even to press yet!) and the most delicious holiday cake. I’m not kidding when I say I couldn’t have dreamt this deliciousness up. It had sweet peppermint crushed frosting between multiple layers and looked like a giant present, come on.

I can not recommend Minted enough for any personalized card you might need in your life. I submitted my design on a Friday and I believe it was delivered the following Wednesday. Plus, you get a digital proof to make sure everything looks right and you can have your cards pre-addressed with the most adorable designs so when you receive your card, all you have to do is slap on a stamp and throw them at the closest USPS worker. They have cards (and art! and personalized wrapping paper! But don’t tell my family because I think wrapping paper full of Chewy’s face is kind of amazing) for everything including Christmas, New Year’s, Save the Dates and Wedding invites. Highly, highly recommend.

Thank you Minted and Southern Living!


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