My Madewell Event Recap

My Madewell EventYesterday I had the pleasure of hosting a styling and gifting event at Madewell at one of our Atlanta malls. It was amazing because Madewell is my absolutely favorite store! These outfits were my “Favorites” (because honestly the whole store is my favorite) and I had such a fun time styling them. It was definitely funny to be back “working” in retail for a day! I used to work at J.Crew so it almost felt like home! Thank you to my family and friends for making it out to the event – I am so thankful for your support! Here are a few more photos of what you can find at Madewell right now –

My Madewell Event


IMG_4170 IMG_4171 IMG_4172 IMG_4173 IMG_4174 IMG_4179 IMG_4177 IMG_4180 IMG_4182 IMG_4184 IMG_4188


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