November Favorites

November Favorites

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Fabletics Black Leggings: These are legit. Thick and stretchy, so comfy and warm and if you decide to work out in them (let’s be honest I usually just wear mine shopping) they actually stay up! Get your first full outfit for only $25 (yes! whole outfit!) by signing up here.

Gap Quilted Moto Jacket: I have this in the green color (obviously, because 1/2 of my jackets are army green) and if I could wear it to work and bed I probably would. I have to keep myself from wearing it every day or else look like I wasn’t in the running for Best Dressed in high school… it’s on sale right now! Buy it!

Shopular: Shopular has been my lifesaver this season. The holiday season just makes me want to spend, spend, spend and this helps me plan out when and where to shop to save the maximum amount of $$ so I can afford to eat. My favorite part was the Black Friday/Cyber Monday section and now their new feature where you can find all the deals by mall. It’s genius! Definitely check this app before you go shopping or even before you shop online!

Apple TV: This thing will always be a life favorite. I no longer need a DVD player because we rent all of our movies on here, watch movie previews, YouTube, college football and most of all Netflix. I’ve been obsessed with The Following. Like that kind of obsessed where you have to talk to everyone you know (or don’t) about it. Who else watches it? Let’s chat. And what should I watch next?

Essie “Wicked”: I recently got my nails done (not recently enough though) and got Lincoln Park After Dark (another good one) but it was a bit too purple for me. When I moved I lost a lot of my favorite red polishes (RIP) so I had to pick up a new one from Target and although I don’t normally like Essie – this one is the bomb. It’s a dark, dark wine almost black but a hint of crimson. Perfect fall and winter color!

Philosophy Purity Cleanser: I love the smell of this cleanser, its like a spa day every time you use it. I don’t know that it necessarily keeps my hormonal breakouts in check, but I think it softens my skin and helps moisturize it. Does anyone use the Philosophy Moisturizers? I want to know if they smell similar!

Audible + iPad/Kindle: I think I put a book on here every month, but this month it’s a little different. You know how you get really into a book and you just want to keep reading but you are forced to stop for like, sleeping or driving or showering? Well 2/3 times you can keep “reading” by listening to the book on Audible! The best part is that Audible and Kindle sync up so it knows exactly where you last read-read on the Kindle. Awesome, right?

Marmot Jena Jacket: I had a hard time biting the bullet to buy this thing since it doesn’t get too cold down here in Georgia, but at one point this fall/winter it was in the 30s and I couldn’t stand it. Since I take Chewy out in the morning 4 out of 7 days of the week I needed this warmth and it has been an excellent purchase. Highly recommend.

Jimmy Johns Beach Club: It’s not a favorites list without food. I’m not going to lie or underestimate my obsession with this sandwich – I got it 3 times in one work week this past month. That’s embarrassing, I should have just lied. But there’s something about avocado and turkey that just go perfectly together (I have a turkey avocado sandwich at least once a week whether it’s Jimmy’s or not) and that Jimmy bread is yum.

Lash Domination + Lights, Camera, Lashes: This is the best tag team since Audible and Kindle. I use the Lights, Camera, Lashes (my Holy Grail) first, then finish with the Lash Domination. The LCL is perfect for separating and lengthening lashes and the Lash Domination really darkens and thickens.

What did you love this month?

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