2015 Resolutions

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Health & Fitness

How cliche, right? Last summer I took up FlyWheel, the only workout regimen I’ve ever been able to keep up with, and lost 15 pounds in 3 months. My goal now is just to lose 10 more pounds or 2 dress sizes and I’d really like to incorporate a super healthy diet to achieve these goals. I also want to run at least 4 road races – one each season. Running is also the only fitness activity I’ve ever stuck with and I love it.


This past year, Just Peachy Blog has seen tremendous growth and I’ve been very motivated to do even better. I get pretty lazy with my posts on the weekends after planning excitedly all week, so I really need to stick to my guns and follow through with my plans. I really want to bring more OOTD posts to Just Peachy, so my goal is to shoot 4-8 a month. Once it warms up. 😉


I am 100% (or more) organized when I’m at work. But at home, I’m just a lottle bit messy. Every week I tell myself I’m too busy or tired to clean up every day, but then spend a whole day cleaning on the weekend when I could be doing something else. I want to stay organized and clean – focusing on my work, blog and my closet (which gets the messiest). I’ve really learned to love cleaning so I don’t have an excuse to keep it neat around here!

Spend Less

This is my goal every year, and last year I think I did alright! I’m starting to see that I’m maturing in what I’m spending my money on, but I can still cut a lot of corners. My biggest money suck is food! I don’t mind spending money on good food or new food, but I should cook at home more and pack my lunches, stop going to Starbucks when I’m bored and skipping the drinks at restaurants. I also need to stop filling my closet but only because I’m out of hangers…


My wanderlust gets worse and worse every year ever since I studied abroad in England. I wish I could take a full year (or 5) to just travel to every single country in the world. But I’d settle for a few weekends a month to visit all the local vacay spots and save up for that worldwide trip. Places I want to go this year: LA/San Fran, New York City, Canada, the Caribbean, Seattle.

Be Happy

The most important goal I have for 2015 is to just be happy. I only want to do things that make me happy. I only want to be surrounded by things that make me happy. Whether this means hanging out with friends more, blogging more, or developing my various other passions, I’m going to do everything in my power to make this the best. year. ever.

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