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ClassPass is in Atlanta!

ClassPass in AtlantaSay hello to your new best friend. No really, say hi. You might be asking yourself what the heck is ClassPass, I’m not about to go back to college. Well a) that’s a mistake because college is awesome and b) it’s the greatest new fitness membership on Earth and your future BFF. [EXCLUSIVE code to skip the Waist List at the bottom of this page!]

ClassPass is a monthly membership to all of the best boutique fitness studios in the many large cities around the U.S. (Atlanta, Charlotte, New York, Dallas and LA to name a few) for only $79-$99 depending on the city. So what do you get for this monthly price? Unlimited fitness classes at studios up to 3 classes. That’s kinda confusing, so what does it really mean? You can go to up to 3 classes from any participating studio each month. Only down side? That’s 3 PureBarre classes at any studio, so you can’t go to 2 classes in Midtown and 3 classes in Buckhead. But if you think about it this way, if you solely paid for it to go to 3 Flywheel classes a month, it would already pay for itself. (3 classes x $28 = $84, therefore more than you just paid for your monthly membership.) That right there is all the math I needed to do be completely sold.

ClassPass is automatically charged each month, and you don’t have to sign any minimum month commitment or huge sign up fee to start. All of the reservations are made super conveniently in the ClassPass app so if you’re used to booking classes at Flywheel or PureBarre it’s exactly the same. It even shows you a map of all of the studios around you by date and class schedule so it’s so easy to find a class that’s nearby and interesting to you. If you travel frequently for work, ClassPass Flex allows you to book classes at all of their participating studios around the country – free until March!

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The variety of classes is amazing. Just 5 miles away from my apartment I have 2 Barre studios, a yoga studio, a boot camp, a boxing studio, and an aerial fitness class. (Yes, just like Pink!) Because of ClassPass I was able to take a PureBarre class for the very first time and I have high hopes to try all different kinds of workouts on my bucket list like yoga, pilates, hot yoga and kickboxing. For someone like me who gets bored of things easily, it’s perfect! I’ve reserved 3 classes total since the beginning of January and it’s was the easiest experience.

I highly, highly suggest ClassPass for those of you who like to take boutique classes, like to change up your fitness routine frequently and/or like to try new things. Try it for a month and if you find some way to convince yourself it’s not worth it (not possible), then you can just cancel! ClassPass is my new 2015 resolution and life savior so TGFCP (Thank God for ClassPass).

Use this EXCLUSIVE link to skip the waitlist and sign up in a city near you!

*I was gifted a free trial membership of ClassPass but was not paid to blog about it. This is my 100% honest opinion and I felt compelled to write this post after only three reservations! Obsessed. Can’t stop sharing.


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