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Studio Penny Lane Gratitude Jar | Just Peachy BlogI recently purchased this awesome Gratitude Jar by Studio Penny Lane at American Threads right before the holiday. I’m kind of obsessed with it because it’s everything I believe in – taking the time to recognize things you are thankful for daily. The basic premise behind this jar is to fill it with pennies and notes, each representing something you were thankful for that day. And what’s even better is that it was less than $30! I felt so strongly about this amazing gift from a small and not yet well-known company that I had to share!

IMG_4549 IMG_4558 IMG_4560 IMG_4561 IMG_4564It comes with a few guidelines in the box. The basic “rules” about seeing pennies, collecting pennies and what to do daily to fill your gratitude jar. It also comes with a couple gratitude notes to fill in and a first time penny for good luck! Inside the jar is a rolled up note about gratitude and how to more notes about the jar’s purpose. I kept mine rolled up inside because I thought it looked cool.

IMG_4566 IMG_4570These Gratitude Jars make awesome gifts for friends and family and especially those who are going through or have recently gone through a tough time. Studio Penny Lane also makes smaller versions of the jars, mason jars, jewelry and candles. The candles smell amazing! You can find the gifts at American Threads if you’re local to Atlanta and they have a lot of the products that are sold out online so call a store and have it shipped to you!

Studio Penny Lane‘s website is selling this awesome His and Hers set of jars that I really wish I had found earlier this summer before I attended all of my weddings. It’s a set of 2, one for the husband and one for the wife, and is in a darker shade of glass so very classic looking. This is an awesome and unique wedding gift and sure to be a favorite to your buff bride, plus it’s super affordable at $50 for the set!

Note: I have not been personally contacted by either Studio Penny Lane or American Threads to write this post – I just loved this amazing product and felt it needed to be shared!

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  1. Hello there! Wow, thank you so much for your post about Studio Penny Lane… We are so very Grateful and honored that our Gratitude Apothecary landed in your hands. Thank you from our entire tribe at Studio Penny Lane!