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Whitney English Day Designer | Just Peachy BlogIsn’t she beautiful? I was contemplating for awhile whether or not I needed the Whitney English Day Designer. I’ve always been a planner person since I can remember getting the free ones in elementary school. Why do calendars excite us women so much? I may never know, but the Whitney English Day Designer is the ultimate in the planner world especially for creative types, bloggers and entrepreneurs. They sell out every year and I barely got mine in time for it to be one of my favorite Christmas gifts! I love that they made some on-trend designs this year like this beautiful spotted one I chose.

Whitney English Day Designer | Just Peachy Blog

Inside, the beginning starts with pages of goal planning and visioning for the year. I haven’t quite filled it out because it feels so permanent. Maybe at the beginning of February I’ll start in on it. Each month has its own tab and starts with this month view. There is no other monthly or weekly view in the planner so this page has become a very important view for me. I like to see an overview of my week so make decisions on what other plans I can squeeze in. I use washi tape to mark events, days off, and travel/vacations and a few stickers here and there. I also color code my entries, but I’ve always done that.

Whitney English Day Designer | Just Peachy BlogHere’s a blank page view for more detail inside. I absolutely love how it’s split into an hourly schedule and to-do lists because I both schedule my entire day hour-by-hour and make multiple to-do lists. I also love the inspiring quotes every day and use the Due, Dinner and Dollar box each day.

Whitney English Day Designer | Just Peachy BlogA filled in 2 days. Busy, busy, but could always be busier so I can have the pleasure of filling in more in the book. 🙂

Whitney English Day Designer | Just Peachy BlogI buy my stickers from various sellers on Etsy (these shown are from LifePlannerWashiTape) and there are some really cute ones! I’ve never used stickers before, but I thought it might be a fun touch to this one. We’ll see how long I “stick” with it. Get it?

Whitney English Day Designer | Just Peachy BlogAnd the holy grail of planner pens goes to these Japanese beauties… purchased on Amazon (here), they’re erasable and write smoothly and just bold enough without being too thick or bleeding through the pages. I find myself scheduling events just to write with these… The wash tape I picked up at various places over the years but mostly Michael’s.

Whitney English Day Designer | Just Peachy Blog

Overall, this is my absolute favorite planner I’ve ever used and I’ve used a new one at least every year. (Some years more than 1.) I think if you’re a very organized person who likes to have everything planned out and you love lists, this is the planner for you. Sure, it’s expensive and hard to get your hands on, but if you think about the fact that you use it every single day and it basically runs your life you can easily talk yourself into it. The only downside to it so far is that the only weekly overview is the month calendar at the front of each month. I almost wish there was a weekly planner before each week, but I know this would add to the thickness of the book as a whole so I understand the reasoning.

Do you use the Whitney English Day Designer? What’s holding you back? You need it. There’s still just a few left on the site. Get yours now!


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