Why You Should Start a Blog

Why You Should Start a Blog | Just Peachy BlogI don’t know how many times a day or week I try to convince other people to start blogs. Personally, it’s been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and one of the longest things I’ve stuck with in my life. I think everyone should try to blog at least once in their life – what do you have to lose? It’s practically free, super fun and can be very rewarding. Why do I think you should blog?

The Opportunities
Yes, it’s true, blogging has a much better reputation today than it did 4 years ago when I started. Now brands approach me and are exciting to talk to me when I mention I have a blog. I’ve had some of the coolest experiences that I never would have had without Just Peachy Blog. For example, a highlight of my blogging career and 2014 was getting invited to the very first, exclusive Spanx blogger event. Hello?? Spanx! I hosted a Madewell event, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Tyson Beckford at IFBCon in New York City, and I regularly get paid to write about things I love, so you could say blogging is worth it. Bloggers get invited to awesome events and get sneak previews of brands and deals before anyone else but the best part is that you get to partner with all of these great brands that you grow up loving!

Creative Release
Like I said, blogging was a lot different when I started 4 years ago and Just Peachy was very different 4 years ago. I used to blog about my life and what I did on the weekends (back when I did stuff. #college) but now I use it as a “business” hobby where I can release my entrepreneurial energy while putting little monetary resources into it. I don’t work in fashion although I majored in Fashion Merchandising so I have to keep up my creativity release somehow. There’s just something about publishing your opinion and ideas and then seeing it there for the whole world to read!

It sounds cliché, but it’s so true. I’ve met some of my greatest friends blogging. It’s just like if you were really into running so you joined a running club and then when you get there you realize everyone else has a similar taste in life as you – plus you all share this passionate love for a hobby. You have someone to complain to, ask for help, collaborate with, and visit for impromptu vacations (I took a “leap of faith” and went on a 4 hour roadtrip with Jamie to stay with Bre and Jamie and none of us had every met each other “IRL”. It was a life highlight!), style advice, find the best new gifts and things you must buy and most of all – someone who understands. I frequently get teased for taking “outfit selfies” or staging the dinner table before I eat, but other bloggers just get it. No more, “sorry I have to take an Insta of my coffee with my shoes and my scarf in it before we can leave. Nope, sorry, I can’t see all of my bracelets, gotta take another one. Sorry.” When you find actual, real great friends blogging you know you’re doing it right.

Blogging is seriously a learning experience. Not only do you develop your writing skills, photography skills, and social skills, but you’re also learning valuable lessons about self-worth, determination, and integrity. Blogging mostly involves planning ahead, being true to your word, and devoting a lot of weekend time and free time to an almost second job. You also find out what you truly love when you spend a lot of time on it without reaping tons of rewards from it!

If you already blog, what do you have to add?

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  1. This post came at the BEST time! I’ve been making major strides towards bringing my old blog (Carolina Queen) back to life! Its almost 100% ready to go but I just can’t seem to write that first meaningful post other than a quick about me. You just gave me the kick in the pants I needed to JUST DO IT! 🙂

  2. Love your insight, and I agree that if you have a hankering to start a blog, just do it! I also think that blogging has helped me hone other skills, too such as photography, a teeny tiny bit of graphic design, and even communication.