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Thanks to ClassPass, I was finally able to try out a Barre class and since that first class, it’s been a non-stop obsession. I’m so glad there so many studios offering barre classes through ClassPass, but without a doubt my favorite studio and class in Atlanta is Pink Barre – specifically the Sandy Springs location.

The class itself has all of the basics of a barre class – the pulsing, tucking, and shaking. But what sets is apart to is the “Barre Connect” which is a series of dance movements at the barre incorporating plies and curtsies and really gets your heart rate going while you’re enjoying the grooving! Of the other barre classes I’ve taken, this fun aspect was unique to Pink Barre. But what I love most about Pink Barre Sandy Springs is the atmosphere. It starts with the studio itself. It’s in the CityWalk shopping area in a loft-type space with high ceilings and industrial touches. The actual studio has beautiful gray hardwood floors (I don’t know, good flooring is important to me) and one wall is entirely a window overlooking trees and the skyline. I just love that window. Besides the studio, the people there from the employees to the teachers to the other participants are all amazing. I’ve never felt so welcomed and at home.

I was lucky to have the chance to chat with the owner of the Sandy Springs location, Maureen Chatelain, after her class last week (she’s a fantastic instructor!) and she stressed the importance of making the studio feel like a place for friends to gather. She starts each of her classes telling us to turn to the people beside us, introduce ourselves and asks us a silly question to answer to our neighbors. Last week it was “Who do you want to win the Super Bowl… if you know who’s playing.” It’s things like that, that little introduction to your neighbor, that foster relationships and help break the ice. This is why everyone is so friendly and helpful – fun and friendship is highly suggested! Making friends at the gym and feeling comfortable enough to talk to everyone in the class around you is so important to me, and not something I’ve felt at any other fitness studio before. Nothing about Pink Barre is intimidating or competitive. You know how there are some places where you walk in and you feel sized up, like you don’t belong or like you’re a complete beginner in a class of experts? It’s not like that here! You’re encouraged to learn at your own pace and are loved for it no matter what your experience level – I can honestly say this is true as a beginner.

Another awesome and unique aspect of Pink Barre that I love is that they hold various workshops and fun events throughout the month. They hold Barre and diet challenges, host nutritionists and have a series of kettle bell classes. Most notable is the Beaus at the Barre class where you can bring your boyfriend, guy friend, or even your dad to class and he gets to take it for free! Then afterwards there’s a little party. I personally love sharing fitness experiences with my dad and would kill to have my boyfriend join me at a class. The next class is Thursday, February 12th (just in time for Valentine’s Day), so make sure you sign up now before it books up! Want to take a class with all of your friends? Sign up for a private “Barre-ty” where you can take a private class with all of your friends plus have a little partay afterwards. These are perfect for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or baby showers. Yup, gotta do that one.

Currently, Pink Barre is offering an unlimited 4 weeks class package for only $99 which is an awesome deal. I highly suggest it for those who love barre classes or those who are just getting interested in it. Pink Barre has a few locations around Atlanta (Lake Lanier, Bulkhead, Emory Point and Sandy Springs) and I highly, highly suggest the Sandy Springs studio. There’s a reason it won Best of Atlanta 2014!

Find Pink Barre Sandy Springs on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram. Book a Class Now!

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  1. Alright, fine, I’m convinced – take me with you to this studio, please!! And yes, you absolutely have to get Andy to a class! I had Hunter go with me to PB last year, and he thought it was harder than Crossfit (which it is!!!). Great pictures and fab review!