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Besides my obsession with ClassPass in general, ClassPass has forced a new obsession on me — Yoga. The first time I even attempted a yoga class workout was about 3 months ago when I tried a YouTube video at home. It wasn’t too successful because I kept getting distracted. Thankfully, there are many yoga studios to attend through ClassPass Atlanta (just not any right by my house – ugh!) and CP is all about trying new things, right? (#1 why I love it!)

I’ve only attended class at Thunderbolt Power Yoga in Buckhead so far (review on the studio coming soon). Each experience has been a little bit different as expected with different teachers, but my feelings afterward have been the same. I’m relaxed, optimistic and a little sore! I never thought yoga would be something I enjoy — I really like intense cardio — but now I am fully on the yoga train. I’m looking forward to trying other studios and a hot, hot yoga!

One of my favorite parts of yoga is the lifestyle that comes with it, and that lifestyle includes cute boho accessories. Let’s be honest, as a woman, workout gear is half the excitement of the workout. Here are my latest favorite yoga pieces that I’ve added to my wishlist.

Yoga Essentials | Just Peachy Blog

prAna Yoga Mat Bag | Yeti Yoga Mat | Yoga Towelettes | Yoga Mat Towel
Swell Water Bottle | Yoga Headband

If you have never taken an in-person yoga class at a yoga-focused studio (no YMCA, no at-home YouTube video), then I highly recommend trying out one or two classes. Your first class may seem silly, but you’ll be hooked afterwards. An important tip from me: don’t worry about how you look or what others in the class are doing. Just focus on your breathing and your stretch and you will get the most out of the class.


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