How to Grow Long and Healthy Eyelashes Naturally

Natural Long and Healthy EyelashesAs a first-off disclaimer, I have always had naturally long lashes. However, they were never as thick as I’d like and because they were long and skinny, they would never stay curled after I applied mascara. So what’s the point of long lashes if they’re stringy and stick straight?? I read a few different natural remedies, tried Biotin and I even purchased prescription Latisse. (For the record, Latisse works for length growth but it’s so expensive for such a little amount of product!) Nothing was fixing my volume and curl problem, so I took to Google to try and find a solution. I stumbled across the castor oil treatment – and it really works.

My lashes are now thicker, feel healthier and curl 100 times better than before I started this regimen. The price is also top-notched, as I purchased all of these items at Walmart for less than $10.

Natural Long and Healthy Eyelashes

What You Need:

Vitamin E (liquid form, in the Vitamin section)
Castor Oil (liquid form, in the stomach health section by Pepto, etc.)
A Bottle or Jar to hold the liquid


1. Pour the liquid/oils in equal parts into the bottle. I poured the Vitamin E halfway first, then followed up with the Castor Oil.
2. Shake the bottle of oils to make sure they’re mixed evenly.
3. It’s seriously that easy.

Applying the Serum

Before you go to sleep, start with clean, makeup-free skin, eyelids and lashes. Shake the bottle slightly to make sure the oils are distributed evenly. Dip the end of the q-tip into the top of the oils and wipe off the excess. The q-tip should be wet, but not dripping. You don’t want to have oil sliding all over your lids or in your eyes.

With your eyes closed, apply the wet q-tip to the base of your top lash line and swipe across from the outer to the inner eye. I go over the line about 3 times. Then, using the excess oil, swipe along the tips of your lashes. I do not apply to my lower lash line. Repeat on your other eye.

Keep in mind you do not want your eyelids or eyes to be weighted down with this oil! I’ve never had a problem with the oil coming off on my pillowcase and I sleep on my stomach. If you have oil splotches on your sheets or you can’t see out of your eyes, you’re using way too much!

I can’t explain scientifically or otherwise how this helps your lashes, but I think it’s a combination of keeping them nourished and healthy with the vitamins and also because removing your makeup each night helps keep the lashes fresh.

Natural Long and Healthy Eyelashes Natural Long and Healthy Eyelashes Natural Long and Healthy Eyelashes Natural Long and Healthy Eyelashes Natural Long and Healthy EyelashesIn no way, shape or form now or in the future am I or will I ever be a doctor, so always check with your dermatologist or primary care doctor before you start this regimen. Although it has worked for me with no noticeable side effects for the past 2 months, I can not promise you will have the same experience.

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