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The Giving Keys | Just Peachy Blog The Giving Keys | Just Peachy Blog The Giving Keys | Just Peachy Blog The Giving Keys | Just Peachy BlogI was first introduced to The Giving Keys a few years ago when they were relatively new. Back then, they only had necklaces which I thought were super cool — along with their background story. So I was super excited to find that they’re now making bracelets!

The Giving Keys employees those transitioning out of homelessness, giving them a second chance to rebuild their lives. Each antique/vintage key is hand stamped with inspirational words like LOVE, HOPE, COURAGE and they are all so cool and unique. The premise of wearing the jewelry is you wear it until you come across someone who needs that key word in their life. For example, I have this HOPE bracelet, and I will one day give it away to someone who needs a bit of hope in their life. When you give it away, you share your story on the site — Pay it Forward.

Not only is this doing so much great in the world of employing the homeless, but it also has an awesome sharing story! The quality is awesome and every item is stylish. You can find the products locally (in Atlanta) at Collage Boutique, American Threads or Altar’d State or online on their website, The Giving Keys.

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