It’s been awhile since I posted some of my favorite Instagram snaps. So what better way to end this week than with a post full!

So lucky to have this awesome view from my desk. For those wondering, yes I’m still loving my new job (since February) and every day is more fun.

Our usual dog park has been closed for months for renovations, so we had to find a new one. The park part isn’t as great, but Chewy doesn’t mind playing in the river one bit!

Brunch is the best.

I recently read Wild (and bought an Eno) and it’s really gotten me back into reading (and hammocking). Who’s down for a rebirth of Blogger Book Club?

And my current book.

One of my favorite tops ever from American Threads, worn just in the nick of time because it’s much too hot now.

We made a desk! Will soon have a post up about this beauty and what’s on and in it.

These shoes from Old Navy are too cute for Spring and I can’t wait to try them out with some dresses and shorts!

This is how I wake up every morning.

Recently started a 3 month unlimited membership at Pink Barre Sandy Springs and became a Pink Barre GRL Ambassador! Can’t wait to get more involved in the studio.

Candles, candles, everywhere.

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