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Chewy + Treats Chewy + Treats Chewy + Treats Chewy + Treats Chewy + Treats Chewy + Treats Chewy + TreatsI think we’ve found a treat that Chewy literally jumps for joy over! But where can you find them? I’ll make it real easy,! No, Chewy isn’t the owner nor am I, but we think the name is pretty spectacular, along with all of the amazing treats, toys and deals you can score on the site.

It’s a pretty well known fact around here that all of us in the house are on a high protein, low carb diet. So, naturally, when choosing Chewy’s next round of treats, I wanted to go with a total-family theme and grab some doggy protein bars. His food is chicken and sweet potato flavored, so we thought this one would be a big hit and it was! The other flavor we got was salmon and whitefish with pomegranates which is equally as tasty (for him, I’m assuming).

Not only does offer nutrient-filled, healthy treats for dogs, but they also sell all other doggy goods you’d find at your local store (but for less) like toys, bowls and flea/tick preventative treatment which is super, super important to have handy for your dog this time of year! My parents’ house is surrounded by a forest, so we have to be very diligent about applying medicines, so you should too! (Not at all being paid to say this, just feel it’s necessary, especially in the South!)

Chewy is luckily a great sharer, and my family dog Coco had to jump in for some goodies.
Chewy + Treats Chewy + TreatsBe sure to check out the next time you want to spoil your pup or your kitty! They have excellent customer service plus free shipping and great prices.

The treats in this post were gifted by, however, all opinions are my own.

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