Hallmark Bridal Shower #SignatureStyle

Hallmark Cards | Just Peachy Blog Hallmark Cards | Just Peachy Blog Hallmark Cards | Just Peachy Blog Hallmark Cards | Just Peachy Blog One of my favorite parts about giving gifts is picking out the card. Usually I spend at least 30 minutes in the card aisle at Target reading each and every one because you never know which one will be absolutely perfect for your recipient! I tend to buy the funny ones and/or beautifully done ones which are almost always Hallmark cards.

I was lucky to meet with Hallmark Signature while at SBSCon this year, and they had an awesome booth! There were so many cards available for us to send away. I found the most adorable mini clipboard card that I sent to my parents, although I kind of wish I would have sent it to myself — that little clipboard was so cute!

When I told Hallmark I had a bridal shower coming up, they said they had the perfect cards for me. They were so generous to send me two super cute ones (one featured here, one will be for the wedding gift!) so I had to share the cute wrapping job I organized and Andy implemented. Yes, Andy is an awesome gift wrapper. For gifts, I like to stick with a theme. My friend Sarah registered for this nice tea kettle, so I threw in a mug for her tea with her new soon-to-be last name initial. It’s the little details people love!

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Hallmark Cards | Just Peachy BlogThis post is in collaboration with Hallmark. A series of cards were gifted to me, however, all opinions (as always) are my own.

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