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This isn’t something I do often on Just Peachy Blog, but it’s a good time to switch things up a bit. I’m all for helping those in need, for providing a better life for someone who deserves it and all around just making someone’s life better. And I hope you guys can get behind this too!

One of my friends from college founded an organization called New Story. They raise money through crowdfunding to build homes for those experiencing life-threatening homelessness around the world – like in Haiti. $6000 is all it takes to build an entire home for a family — not to mention improved health and income opportunities in addition to providing work for locals. When you put it into that perspective, it’s hard not to support. And the best part is, you actually see where your money is going. When a house is completed, you receive a video from the actual family you helped. This is my favorite.

New Story Charity is pledging to build 100 homes in 100 days. This campaign started in June and they’re already more than halfway there. I’m really hoping to be able to contribute to this lofty goal, so I’ve setup a campaign of my own and hope you all find it in your hearts to help raise money. It would be so amazing to have the blog community rally behind this charity and even raise enough money to build an entire home just from the blog world!

That being said, I have set my “Just Peachy Blog’s Week of Giving” campaign goal to raise $1000 starting today and ending next Wednesday. While $1,000 will not fund an entire home,  New Story combines campaigns to provide enough for one family.

One week to raise $1000, and I think you guys can help make this possible! Whether you can donate $5, $15, or $50, every bit counts and is so, so appreciated by New Story, the families, and myself.

Please click here to visit my campaign site.

If you would like to create a campaign of your own, for your blog or personal fundraising, please contact me! I can give you advice and put you in touch with the right people.

New Story Charity | Just Peachy Blog New Story Charity | Just Peachy Blog

All images via New Story Charity

This is in no way a sponsored post. I reached out to New Story Charity on behalf of Just Peachy Blog because I stand behind the cause.

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