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Gym Bag Essentials | Just Peachy Blog Gym Bag Essentials | Just Peachy Blog Gym Bag Essentials | Just Peachy Blog The more I exercise, the more I snack. It’s just reality. Luckily, I found these Perfectly Simple from ZonePerfect nutrition bars to help curb my cravings between workouts. Or for breakfast, lunch and dessert – they work for everything! I make sure I always have one with me and especially in my gym bag. (Get your exclusive coupon here!)

The Bing Cherry and Almond tastes like straight up cherry pie and the Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk is an awesome alternative to cake for breakfast. But these aren’t the only flavors. There’s also Almond Toffee Crunch and Roasted Cashew and Dark Chocolate – which I imagine tastes like similar to a Snickers bar? I’ll have to find that one on my next Target run.

What else is in my bag?

I never head to the gym without a hair tie and a headband. This one from LuluLemon was a recent sale find and I love the spots. You can be fashionable and athletic! I also pack dry shampoo and a good brush for when I need to get somewhere post-sweat. Most of the studios I go to provide blow dryers, so I spray, brush and go on my way. Finally, for studios that don’t have showers, I carry these Cottonelle wipes for an on-the-go clean.

Don’t forget to download your Perfectly Simple coupon here and try it out for yourself!

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