How to Wake Up Motivated Every Day

How to Wake Up Motivated Every Day | Just Peachy Blog

Whether you’re trying to stay motivated at your 9-to-5 while trying to sustain a side hustle or you just can’t seem to figure out “what you want to do when you grow up,” it can be super hard to find motivation to keep trying harder. Let’s be real, life is exhausting. And you don’t really know just how exhausting until you graduate from college (so don’t if you can help it). How do I wake up motivated every single day? Here are my very best tips.

Visit Inspirational Sites Daily
Whether it’s your favorite blog-crush or just Forbes.com, you have to find a couple sites that make you want to be better, work harder and play louder. I love reading Forbes to inspire me to work harder and I always check Adweek for creative inspiration at work. When I’m in a blog rut, I like to check out some of my favorite bloggers or check out different blog posts with tips and tricks.

Blog Tips & Tricks Pinterest Board // Forbes Youngest CEOs // That Working Girl

Read “Self-Help” Business Books
Self-help books have come a long way since He’s Just Not That Into You. Now you can buy a book that teaches you anything from blogging to starting your own boutique to photography to how to be happy. My favorite of these books are written by successful people who I admire and who I already knew before reading the book. It’s amazing to hear first hand how someone achieved greatness and (often) started from little. I recently picked up a copy of Entrepreneur magazine while waiting for my food at a restaurant and could not put it down.

#Girlboss // Blog, Inc. // A Place of Yes // Entrepreneur Magazine

Look At Your Goals
Visualize your goals. Write them down and put them around your house or create a symbol for them that you can wear or that you’ll see daily. Daily or weekly, check in on your goals and see if you’re proactively taking the correct actions to get you to that place. I’ve found that when you’re just about to give up, you’ll see a symbol of your goal that makes you keep going.

Don’t Stop Until You’re Proud // Hustle // If You Don’t Do It, Someone Else Will

Never Give Up
Keep a journal. Track how far you’ve come. Record your growth whether it’s blog views, sales or weight lost. Your own personal progress and success is the most motivating inspiration you can find. Looking back on your journey will make you realize there’s no way you can give up now. You’ve come this far, now work even harder and you will achieve.

How do you stay motivated? Share your favorite sites or tips below!

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