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Last year, I got super interested in essential oils and how they worked. Personally, I really hate taking medicine. I probably take 6 Advil a year (could be an overstatement) and that’s the extent of pills I pop when I feel any type of ailment in my body. I don’t take allergy medicines, when I get a headache I (mostly) wait it out and I really don’t get sick enough to ever warrant a doctor’s appointment. I have also struggled with intense anxiety over the past 5 years, but I refused to take anything for it.

When I decided to try my first essential oils, I went with lavender for its calming effects and lemon for its dietary effects. I would diffuse the lavender nightly at bedtime and throughout the night as a sleep aid and added lemon to my water in hopes of losing some weight or for its health benefits. I’ll be honest, I hated the lemon, but I should have known because I hate citrus. The lavender, on the other hand, was kind of a lifesaver. I had never slept better or had a deeper night’s sleep than when I diffused the lavender all night long.

This fall, I decided to order the Young Living starter kit so I could really dive into the world of essential oils. And now I am so glad I did, because I discovered the Stress Away oil which has 100% helped cure my anxiety. I also purchased Vetiver to mix with lavender for a deeper sleep at night. I cannot suggest these oils enough, especially if you want a natural cure or aid for stress-induced symptoms like lack of sleep and anxiety or panic attacks.

Although I’ve used a couple of the other oils that came in the kit in addition to a few other extra oils I’ve purchased, I can’t really tout the affects of these yet, so I don’t feel comfortable posting about them. I’m so excited to keep using more and see which ones really work. Hopefully I enjoy the rest of them more than the lemon. 😉

Do you use essential oils? Which ones do you like?

Interested in trying Young Living essential oils? Let me help you! I can order oils for you at my discounted rate and have them shipped right to your home or we can sign you up as wholesale member so you can do try them all out on your own time!

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