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If you’re new around here, meet Chewy! The cutest dog in the world. If you’re a regular to the blog, yes, we’ve got another dog-themed post! But really, if you’re a human being, you can’t get mad at puppy pictures, right? This time we’re featuring Chewy’s favorite website of all time – – and their latest monthly gift for the big dog around the house.

Chewy, like most dogs, loves bones. The only problem is, he chews through them mostly within an hour, they get residue all over my white furniture and blankets, and there are so many empty calories in them which makes him a bit chunkier. No shame, I like my treats too, but for the price I’d rather have a bone that lasts and keeps him slim.

The Benebone Chew Toy is the perfect compromise. This particular bone chew toy tastes like Rotisserie Chicken (I guess), and I’d be able to prove it if Chewy hadn’t jumped up on the kitchen counter while I was at the gym and torn the package to shreds because he was too excited for to dig in. This thing is durable. I don’t see it breaking any time soon and it keeps Chew Chew occupied for at least 30 minutes every night. Plus, it doesn’t leave any gross sticky mess like other bones! Yay, he can chew on it in bed! This bone is not edible, but rather it’s a chew toy.

If your dog loves bones, but you want something that will last, I highly suggest the Benebone from! It also comes in 2 other flavors: peanut butter and bacon. Yum. Dog Toys | Just Peachy Blog Dog Toys | Just Peachy BlogIsn’t he silly? I was gifted the Benebone as part of’s monthly blogger program. However, all opinions are mine and Chewy’s alone!

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