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Every now and then I discover something so amazing that everyone needs to hear about it. These things usually involve chocolate or some dramatic TV show (90 Day Fiance, anyone?), but today it involves something that, if you’re a blogger, might actually knock your socks off. Allow me to introduce you to CoSchedule.

CoSchedule is a blogging tool sent straight from the heavens especially for lazy girls (and boys) like me. This is how blogging would normally go for me:

  1. Create a blog title.
  2. Spend 2 hours (exaggeration) figuring out what to write. Spend 15 minutes actually writing it.
  3. Spend 30 minutes scheduling posts in HootSuite – just for Twitter.
  4. Day the post goes live, somehow remember that I should post it on Facebook, but usually it’s 9pm at night before I remember and by then it’s pretty late to be marketing to my friends and family.

With CoSchedule, number 3 and 4 are combined into a good 20 minutes that is so fun and convenient. Let me tell you how.

CoSchedule is a plugin that adds one more little toolbox right below where you just created your WordPress blog post. It pulls in images from your blog, as well as content from your blog, to help you create your social posts automatically. No more using HootSuite, Facebook manager, or any other tools that aggregate and schedule for you. I use it to post directly to my Facebook page, personal Facebook page and my Twitter profile. It even automatically creates bit.ly links for you – surprise!

You can also easily choose when your post will be scheduled out. So as soon as you’re finished writing it, you can choose to post it the day it’s published, the day after it’s published and then any day in the near or distant future. That means if you’re doing a holiday post, you can automatically schedule it to send out at the same time next year and all of the work is done for you.

CoSchedule Review | Just Peachy Blog

But that’s just scraping the basics of the program. You can also add team members on to your account, so if you have an intern (lucky), they are able to go in and write all of your content or schedule your posts for you without giving up your personal password. There are 2 other amazing aspects I can’t get enough of. One is the calendar, so I can see all of my scheduled posts and scheduled social blasts laid out with dates and times. The other is the “Top Posts” section which helps keep track of how many times your posts have been shared on various social sites. If you know a post is successful, you should continue to throw it out into the social world!

CoSchedule Review | Just Peachy Blog

CoSchedule Review | Just Peachy Blog

CoSchedule offers a 14-day free trial, then it is less than $15 a month to continue with the service. If you just try it out, I promise you that you’ll love the ease and convenience. Plus, you’ll be putting your content out into the social world more often, which will get you more views! Win-win. It’s so easy to use, but if you need any help feel free to reach out and I can walk you through it. You can also watch this video for more help.

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I wrote this review after using the 14-day trail of CoSchedule. Although I will receive a discount on future plans for sharing my opinion, all thoughts are (as always) mine and mine alone!

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    1. With HootSuite, there was no way to override what image, link title or link description would be uploaded to Facebook. With CoSchedule you can edit all of that AND see a preview of what it will look like right in WordPress. That was my biggest gripe with HootSuite, I never knew what it was going to look like when I uploaded it to FB.

      Plus CoSchedule has tons of other useful tools like the social analytics and content calendar! If you’re on the fence, you should try it out with the 14-day trial!