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WellKept Atlanta: House Cleaning

WellKept Atlanta House Cleaning | Just Peachy Blog WellKept Atlanta House Cleaning | Just Peachy Blog WellKept Atlanta House Cleaning | Just Peachy Blog WellKept Atlanta House Cleaning | Just Peachy BlogSee that? That’s my super clean apartment. Not what it looks like 360 days of the year. (Because about 5 of those, it does look clean.) It hasn’t looked this clean since I moved in… thanks to WellKept, the newest on demand house cleaning service in Atlanta. There’s really nothing like waking up early to get ready for your house to be cleaned… by someone else… while you take your dog to the dog park. Okay, I feel really spoiled, but sometimes it’s just warranted. And at only $15 a room, sign me up.

With the holidays finally here, I have been busier than busy. Events to attend, gifts to buy and extra hours at work mean I really don’t have the time to devote to a good, deep clean of the house. Nor do I really enjoy doing that. So WellKept was the answer to my prayers this Christmas time. For only $15 per room, you can get as much or as little of your home cleaned quick and easy.

Booking online is what also sets it apart from other cleaning services. Growing up, our house cleaner was found through word-of-mouth or by trial and error from the phone book. Well, this is so much easier. Just choose how many rooms you want cleaned, the date and time you want them cleaned and they show up 10 minutes early. It’s also really difficult to find my apartment and get into the complex and the cleaners still arrived 10 minutes early and with no confusion!

I also chose to add-on a “squeaky clean” service – the dreaded fridge clean. This task just overwhelms me. So props to my WellKept cleaners because they did an amazing job. Other things I loved about my experience: the clean smell (not bleach), they organized my beauty products and wiped down my blinds and left them open. It was so cheerful to come home to!

If you’re in the Atlanta metro area, I highly suggest trying out this service. Quick, easy and reliable, plus fantastic service. You’ve got nothing to lose! Book now before your in-laws come over for Christmas.

I was gifted a free home cleaning by WellKept for the purpose of this blog post, however, all so fresh and so clean-clean opinions are my own! 

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