5 Inspiring Books for Creative Entrepreneurs

Inspiring Books for Creative Entrepreneurs | Just Peachy Blog

One of my guilty pleasures is self-help/motivational books. First of all, I love to feel inspired, and secondly, I love to be motivated by others’ success. There is something special about hearing a success story and knowing that they started in your exact shoes – as a nobody, who is just struggling to make it. Am I right? If you need some inspiration, keep reading.

For the Fashionista // #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso
This is one of my favorite reads, and one of the reasons I really took a leap of faith when leaving my last corporate marketing job for my current social agency job. If you feel stuck and unsuccessful, like you need a big push to get what you want, read this! It’s not only for those who want to make it in fashion, but for any who are having a rough beginning to your career and want to have that never-say-no attitude.

For the Blogger // Blog, Inc. by Joy Deangdeelert Cho
When I was going through some changes in my blog a couple years back (no motivation, not liking the path I was on, needed a refresh) I read this book word-for-word. Even though I wasn’t a brand new blogger, I still learned so much from this book. It covers all topics from design, to blogger’s block, to working with sponsors.

For the Recent College Grad and/or Social Media Maven // Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht
I recently picked this up, but have been wanting to read it for awhile! It’s a great resource for those who are looking to get into social media or for those who are wanting to switch careers. It’s full of advice on how to get and keep your job, working with others and general social media tips written in a very casual, friendly way which I appreciate.

For the Bored 9-5-er // Creative Confidence by Tom Kelley
I have not personally read this book (yet), but it’s on my list!
Many creative entrepreneurs have found themselves in a boring 9-5 job at which they find themselves daydreaming all day about leaving the corporate world for their own creative endeavor. This book takes a business-centered approach to finding the creativity in all of us, proving that even the most mundane positions can be had by creative monsters.

For Girl Power Everywhere // I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones (free on KindleUnlimited!)
I have not personally read this book (yet), but it’s on my list!
In a competitive world (and industry), especially in fashion/blogging, us girls gotta stick together. I firmly believe in lifting each other up with support and love, although it seems as though most of the time the world is trying to tear us down and rip us apart from one another! This book talks about how we need to band together as a support system to achieve our dreams. Girl Power!

Sound off: Have you read any of these books? What others do you suggest?

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