Sweet Potate’r Treats Treats-9 Treats-7 Treats-6 Treats-3 Treats-4 has long been a favorite of mine (and my dog’s!) and not just because of the name! Yes, my dog Chewy loves What can I say? They’ve got great snacks and toys at the best prices around. This month, Chewy got to try out some amazing, all natural sweet potato treats. I must say, I was tempted to try a few…

I was so excited to order these Dr. Harvey’s Sweet Potate’r Chews Dog Treats. What really sold me was 1) they’re made with only sweet potato, no other ingredients, yum! and 2) they’re chewy. I thought these might be a better replacement for the bones and rawhides that we usually buy Chewy to keep him occupied and out of trouble in the house. I’ve hard that the rawhide bones are like eating cardboard, completely void of any type of nutrition and ultimately not very good for your dog. So I’ve been trying to keep him away from his favorite chew things.

Excitedly I ripped open the package to let Chewy check out the new goods. Firstly, he loves sweet potato treats. Or maybe he just loves any treat… but he really, really loves these things! And I can’t blame him, because they look super delicious and have the same texture as a beef jerky/fruit chew. Okay, I know I’m really talking these up for human consumption but I promise I didn’t nibble. How could I? He was clearly in control of these. Treats-12 Treats-5

After a few taste tests and one short photoshoot later, I can tell these are going to be at the top of Chewy’s and my shopping list. They’re tough enough to keep him occupied for 5-10 minutes, but soft enough to be easily digestible and safe. Plus, it’s just dehydrated sweet potato so I know it’s healthy for his little sensitive tummy. Low in calorie and high in vitamins, I don’t feel bad feeding him a couple to keep him busy. Another plus is that they’re made here in the USA and have super cute, all natural branding. Gotta love that, right?

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Disclaimer: sent me these treats in exchange for an honest review of the product. No additional compensation was exchanged.  All thoughts and opinions are my own (and my Chewy’s!).

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