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Since I started my current job a year ago, I’ve traveled almost every month since. I believe at least 9/12 of these months I’ve traveled (some leisure trips) and honestly, I love it! My co-workers call me crazy, but maybe it’s the outfit planner in me that just loves to pack. And also I get very excited at the prospect of buying new luggage… But it did take awhile for me to learn just how to fit all of my items in one to two carry-ons. How do I do it?

Roll Your Clothes
Packing a lot of clothes? Nothing saves space more than rolling your clothes tightly and thinly. I fold shirts and pants as if I’m putting them on a shelf, then roll from the bottom up, keeping them as tight as possible. It also helps to fold them so that their length is short or long as possible to fit in your luggage. This depends on the width of your suitcase, or how you’re arranging the clothes. Trust me, roll ’em.

Pack in Mini Bags
I keep all of my like-minded items packed together in smaller bags inside my luggage. I’ll have a small bag for electronics and chargers, makeup, hair products, jewelry and undergarments. Keeping them together and zipped ensures that nothing is floating freely and also makes it super easy to access if you need to quickly grab a charger. Most important bags go near the zipper of my suitcase – so my electronics and makeup for touch-ups post flight.

Share Items for Outfits
I plan every outfit before I begin packing so that I can’t forget a piece and so I can see where I can duplicate clothing items in different outfits. Why take up space for 3 pairs of jeans and 2 black tank tops when you can just pack one? If I’m going for a short trip, I’ll pack one pair of leggings and one pair of jeans that I can wear with multiple items. Bonus points: wear bulkier items like coats or heavy jeans on the plane so they don’t take space in your luggage.

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Keep Items Pre-Packed For Your Next Trip
Not only do I save valuable space by packing travel-sized beauty products, but I also save valuable time by keeping pre-packed pouches with my travel items. I have a travel shampoo/conditioner, lotion, face wash (my liquids) bag and a makeup wipe, hair products and tooth stuff bag. I always keep my makeup in a travel bag, so that’s easy to grab when I’m rushing out the door.

Store Your Purse in One Carry On
There won’t be room in your suitcase for your purse unless you regularly carry a clutch. Therefore, I pack a large second carry-on that will fit my purse. This has been such a simple, but huge space saver. Once you get through security, you can carry around all 3 of your carry-ons separately if you wish, and if you end up buying lots of goodies on your trip, you can check your suitcase and use the extra carry-on for additional packing space.

Other General Travel Tips:

  • Wear easy to remove shoes through security – this is not the place for knee high boots or lace up sandals!
  • Don’t wear jewelry through security. Zip them up in your purse or inside a pouch inside your luggage. Don’t risk it getting stolen or having to go through the metal detector multiple times.
  • Keep your liquids in an easy to access location. I keep mine in the front most zipper pocket of my rolling luggage.
  • Always travel with a jacket or scarf. Some planes don’t have blankets (what?!), some planes are frigid, and it’s best to dress in layers.

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