DIY Delicious Latte at Home

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Are you addicted to your local coffee shop? Black coffee just doesn’t cut it? I’m with you. I could drink a vanilla latte from Starbucks almost every day. If it didn’t cost money, I’d probably drink 2. This definitely adds up, both calorically and financially, and trust me I tried so many different ways to recreate my sweet tooth, soothing drinks at home with my Keurig. No go! So for Valentine’s Day, I woke up to an amazing gift from my sweet boyfriend – a Nespresso machine!

And since I got his awesome machine only one week ago, I’ve had a cup of coffee every day since. Want to see how I make my better than Starbucks latte? Keep reading!

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What You Need

Nespresso machine (or any espresso machine. This is the Inissia!)
Milk frother (mine came with the machine)
Espresso pods (mine came with the machine)
Milk (I use soy, from Target)
Flavored syrup (I love the vanilla, the sugar free is not so great, unfortunately)

What You Do

1. Brew your espresso in any machine you choose. Espresso is basically a very strong shot of coffee, so the usual coffee machine will not really work

2. While brewing the espresso, froth your milk. All you do with the Aeroccino is press a button, and you have hot, frothed milk in 1 minute!

3. Pour a couple tablespoons of Vanilla syrup into the hot espresso and stir

4. Pour the frothed milk into the espresso. Spoon out your desired froth on to the top.

That’s it! It is seriously that easy! And trust me when I say it tastes better than Starbucks, even with the Starbucks-branded coffee syrup. However, if you hate the taste of sugar free sweetener, skip that version. It’s very fake.

I can’t recommend the Nespresso Inissia enough. It has changed my life! This is not an ad for Target or Nespresso, nor am I being paid. I just really love this thing. 🙂

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