Pryme Vessyl Review: The Smart Water Bottle

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Confession: I don’t drink enough water. And not in a way that people say, oh, I should really drink more water to clear my pores. It’s more like a, I forget to drink anything until about lunchtime. I could probably eat all of my meals without drinking a thing. And I know this is so, so terrible for me, but I just have the hardest time wanting to drink water. It’s plain and unsatisfying and, let’s be honest, it’s hard to eat Mexican food without a big tall Coke, am I right? Well all of this is changing now with the Pryme Vessyl. I’m on my way to full hydration, cutting out sodas and replacing them with water. Why? Keep reading!

As most of you are fairly aware, the daily recommended water intake for an adult is 8 glasses. I, on average, probably drank 2 or 3 (or 1 big Tervis) all day long. This is terrible! And I knew it. I’ve always known that drinking more water is one of my biggest struggles, especially since I grew up drinking milk, soda and juice, and anything but water. So one of my goals for 2016 was to drink more water to clear my skin, help boost my metabolism and just keep me healthy overall. Enter the Pryme Vessyl, which I received as part of the ClassPass Ambassador program.

Basically, the Pryme Vessyl connects to your phone (via Bluetooth! None of my other water bottles do this…) and keeps track of each and every ounce of water you’re drinking from it daily. Each time you slide the top and tilt it back, it records the time and amount of water you sipped, tracking the percentage you’re at your “prime” or most hydrated. I usually hover between 60-80%, so I know I need to keep going. If you have an Apple Watch, it also syncs to that so that you can get in-the-moment updates on your home watch screen and also get alerts throughout the day.

The coolest thing about it, is it doesn’t just track to 8 total glasses a day. It actually takes into account your activity levels (by using your fitness tracker or iPhone Health app) and adjusts how much more water you need to replenish after a long workout. I have been trying to workout 5 times a week and I know I’m losing a lot of water – especially in Zumba and yoga! – so this keeps me accountable.

If you’re familiar with and motivated by the FitBit model of reaching your daily goal with alerts every so often, this is the tech bottle for you. I am very motivated by the FitBit model, and the Pryme Vessyl almost exactly replicates it. Read my pros and cons recap below for more details!


Sleek, modern design: The bottle looks cool. It’s minimal and sleek. No one could hate it.

iPhone app + Bluetooth connectivity works perfectly: I’ve never had a problem with it not tracking my sips. The app is easy to understand without too many metrics to read. Just the time and amount of water you’ve drank paired with the percentage you’re at of your “prime” number

Notifications to drink more come at a perfect time: I love getting the “drink more” notifications on my Apple Watch every so often. It will even tell you if you’re only 1 more bottle full away from your prime which makes me chug to reach it. Check.

Automatically alters your intake needs based on your activity: When I’m working out, I sometimes forget to drink enough to make up for what I lost in sweat. This automatically calculates your water depletion and let’s you know how much you need to drink to catch up. No guessing involved.

I drink much more water: Seriously I do! It’s a game I play now, can I make it to 100? I’m very competitive with myself, so this is the perfect model to make myself drink enough to earn a 100.

The app also tracks water intake manually: This means if I forget my water bottle for my yoga class or want to use a larger cup, I can manually enter how many ounces I track and I will still be alerted of my up-to-date hydration level. This is one the best selling points! While you may not use your water bottle all day long (you may keep it at work on your desk) you can still track your water the old fashioned way.


Way too small: Like I said, I usually drink out of a large Tervis Tumbler or Corkcicle at work so that I don’t have to get up every hour to get more water. (#Lazy.) This bottle is about the same size as a small Tervis Tumbler, which is never enough water for me. I wish the Pryme Vessyl had 2 sizes – one large and one small.

Should come in other colors besides white: White gets dirty, especially when you’re using it every day! I don’t often wear lipstick, but I would assume it would make a mess all over this sleek design. Not only does it show dirt, but it also shows scratches. While I’ve only had the bottle for about a week, there’s already gray scratches from it being in my purse or cupholder.

Can leak: It’s not spillproof or leakproof so you can’t really throw it into your bag. This is a bit of an annoyance for me as I often throw all of my stuff in one bag when I’m traveling from the gym or walking to work.

Has to charge every other night: Not a huge deal, but I hate having to charge things often. I definitely wouldn’t travel with the Pryme since it’s just one more charger cable and charger disk I’d have to carry around.

If you have a problem drinking water throughout the day or after your workouts, I highly suggest you invest in the Pryme Vessyl. Like I said, it’s the only thing that keeps me feeling accountable for how much I’m drinking. Each day I try to beat my previous day’s level and I’m thinking about staying hydrated all day long instead of when I’m feeling parched. Hopefully I’ll start to see some health benefits like better skin and increased metabolism! 🙂

What do you think? Would you use a Bluetooth, chargeable water bottle?

I received the Pryme Vessyl for free via the ClassPass Ambassador program. However, all opinions are my own!

Pryme Vessyl | Just Peachy Blog Pryme Vessyl | Just Peachy Blog

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