A Night at the Georgia Aquarium

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All images courtesy of the Georgia Aquarium

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Last week I was invited to the Georgia Aquarium‘s media event highlighting their newest shows and exhibits: the Suntrust Pier 225 Sea Lion exhibit and the AT&T Dolphin Celebration show. I was more excited for this event than I have been for pretty much anything in a long, long time and I am being 100% honest when I say it exceeded my expectations. From the Wolfgang Puck tasty bites and drinks to the aquarium staff and cutesy animals, it was all around the best blog event I’ve attended. See why.

I’ve only been to the aquarium once before, I believe in high school, and it was pretty fun then. However, getting to go inside these new exhibits before the general public was so cool. And even on their own, these shows will blow you out of the water (get it?) on any day you attend.

The night started off with a trip to Suntrust’s Pier 225, a California sea lion exhibit and show featuring more than 5 rescued sea lions. From the big splashes to the little waves, these guys were too adorable. I really could have sat in that show all night long and been completely satisfied. There’s something about the relationship between these animals and their trainers, it’s amazing to watch! Especially when you know they have been rescued from across the country and brought back here to learn and teach. It was amazing just how much conservation and education happens at the aquarium.

We then traveled over to the large theatre for the larger than life Dolphin Celebration. I grew up a big fan of dolphins (thanks to the state of Florida and also Lisa Frank) and I even had the opportunity to swim with them while on vacation in Jamaica (greatest experience of my life, do it if you have the chance) so I was pretty excited to get to see their tricks again. They are amazing creatures!

No matter what your age or interest in sea creatures, every one will find something they love at the Georgia Aquarium. It’s such a great place to go when family or friends are in town and an excellent way to spend a holiday. I’m thinking about going back on my birthday later in April because they give Georgia residents free admission on birthdays! Whether you’re in town from somewhere else or you’ve lived here your whole life, you need to stop by to see the whole thing and their extra special new exhibits, all open to the public starting March 31st!

I was invited to attend the Georgia Aquarium media event for free to experience the sea lions and dolphins for myself. All opinions are my own and I still love dolphins!

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