The Best Essential Oil Blends

The Best Young Living Essential Oils | Just Peachy Blog The Best Young Living Essential Oils | Just Peachy Blog

I started my journey into essential oils awhile back after hearing so much about them and how amazing they were. I, like you probably are, was very weary of these weird witch cocktails, but thought I might as well give them a shot. I like when my house smells good anyways. As it turns out, they really worked for me so I wanted to share the best essential oil recipes I found that have helped with numerous issues.

The Best Young Living Essential Oils | Just Peachy Blog

Stress Away for Anxiety: This one is pre-made blend that really sold me on essential oils. I’ve struggled with anxiety since my senior year of college (maybe even earlier before I knew what it was) and have had a hard time figuring out how to deal with it. Whether it’s nervous jitters or full-blown panic attacks, this Stress Away oil is the only thing that’s ever calmed my nerves and eased my racing mind. And it works almost instantly! Plus it smells amazing. I apply this topically on the back of my neck or just inhale the smell right from the bottle. Sometimes I’ll also add it with Valor, which gives feelings of ambition and clarity.

The Best Young Living Essential Oils | Just Peachy Blog

Lavender + Vetiver for Sleep: I don’t have the problem quite as much anymore, however, I have always been a bit of a night owl which has made it difficult to fall asleep at a normal time. Now, I rarely sleep through the night without tossing and turning and waking up a few times, so I use Lavender + Vetiver in my diffuser at night. Not only do I fall asleep quickly, but I also sleep through the entire night without waking up. I personally love the smell of lavender and look forward to using it when I need an extra great night of sleep.

The Best Young Living Essential Oils | Just Peachy Blog

Orange + Cinnamon + Purification: This is my favorite everyday blend. You know when your trash sits in the bag for maybe 1 hour too long and then all of a sudden your whole place smells terrible? This cures that. The Purification blend cleans any nasty smells in the air, while the orange and cinnamon make it smell sweet and cozy. (Christmas Spirit is a heavily cinnamon scent, while the Joy aromatherapy is basically an orange mixture.) I diffuse this while I clean or when guests are coming over.

Personally, I use Young Living oils because I knew a couple of other people who used them as well. I have been really impressed with the quality and the prices aren’t terrible – especially when you buy the Starter Kit which comes with about 12 small-sized bottles of their most popular and usable oils, tons of samples and a diffuser. I highly suggest it if you’re just starting out!

Have you ever tried essential oils? Tell me what blends you use! I love trying new scents for different ailments and I want to know your favorites. If you’re interested in trying essential oils, let me know! I also love to talk about them.

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