How to Style a Bar Cart

How to Style a Bar Cart | Just Peachy Blog

How to Style a Bar Cart-4 How to Style a Bar Cart | Just Peachy Blog

I may not be a frequent drinker, but I do think I can style a mean bar cart. But to me, you don’t need lots of alcohol to have a perfectly styled, highly decorated cart in your dining room. Want to get a first hand look at how to style a bar cart? Keep reading!

How to Style a Bar Cart | Just Peachy Blog How to Style a Bar Cart | Just Peachy Blog How to Style a Bar Cart | Just Peachy Blog How to Style a Bar Cart | Just Peachy Blog

Find a bar cart you really love. I knew I had wanted a bar cart for awhile, but I was having a hard time finding one that I really liked. Either they were too vintage (think bamboo) or too modern (think silver and glass) and neither are my style. I’m more of a low key West Elm rather than a Z Gallerie or Goodwill. I knew Target had come out with some very cute options, but I could never find them at a low cost (which I would need since it’s not getting lots of use). Until I stumbled upon the store Bargain Hunt which was selling tons of Target goods at super low prices – and they had one more of this bar cart – my dream bar cart! If you can’t find exactly what you want, keep looking or DIY yourself one.

Decorate with glasses. Use glasses to your advantage. By having a whole set (either the tall or short styles) on display, you’re creating a beautiful look that just begs for a pour. There’s something about rows of crystal glass that is beautiful in the sunlight! Choose a glass style that works well with your overall style. I went with a vintage, but modern look that I feel would suit a whiskey well. You could even mix and match with all different types of glasses in a similar color or finish.

Keep all accessories on display. These bar accessories (bottle opener, stopper and corkscrew) aren’t exactly my style with the clear acrylic, but they pair perfectly with the gold touches and hardwood accents of the bar cart. Displaying a matching set of accessories in an antiqued tray makes it look like I actually use them, and keeps them on hand in case anyone else needs to fix their own drink. Handy!

Layer the alcohol. Use different size, shape and colored bottles of liquor, champagne or even beer to show your personality – and drinks of choice. I personally love champagne and these cute mini bottles look great next to my barely-consumed, huge bottle of Costco tequila. Andy has a big craft beer collection, so adding a few of his larger bottles to the bottom of the cart gives off a casual vibe.

Add a personal touch. Incorporate personal details like a print with your favorite quote, a framed pictured of loved ones or little trinkets you love. I work in and love social media, so this large @ symbol that didn’t have a home prior to this purchase was the perfect non-alcoholic touch to the bottom of the cart.

How do you decorate your bar cart? Share in the comments below!

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