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If you’ve been following Just Peachy Blog for awhile, you know just how much I am obsessed with indoor/stadium cycling classes. I even had an unlimited Flywheel membership a couple years ago and through it, I was able to lose 15+ pounds in 3 months! So when I heard that Cyclebar was opening just 5 minutes from my house, I couldn’t be more excited. I even hosted my own private party before the studio opened to the public! Cyclebar hosted a series of free “practice” classes leading up to the grand opening, and now has a regular schedule. Keep reading to see just why I love it more than any other studio.

Cycle Studio in Dunwoody | Cyclebar Dunwoody Cycle Studio in Dunwoody | Cyclebar Dunwoody Cycle Studio in Dunwoody | Cyclebar Dunwoody Cycle Studio in Dunwoody | Cyclebar Dunwoody Cycle Studio in Dunwoody | Cyclebar Dunwoody

Ambience | I love how the studio is setup. It feels new, clean and modern throughout the studio and into the cycle room. There are tons of lockers, so you will most likely never have to fight over one and the locks are super easy to use. They even have charger plugs in each locker, which is perfect for charging my always-dying phone when I take the straight-after-work class. Inside the cycle room, the bikes are super comfortable and easy to ride. You probably know if you’ve taken various cycle classes that some studios have clunky, old bikes that just aren’t comfortable and actually make it really hard to get through class. These just glide. Oh, and I don’t know how they do it, but all of the employees are, like, super awesome. Definitely a plus when it’s a lot more common to run into snooty studios.

Class | I love these classes. I’ve been to many different cycle studios and you’d be surprised at how different each one tries to be (usually fairly successfully). Something about Cyclebar feels so different. It’s definitely competitive; they have the same “leader boards” as many of the other studios that really works for my competitive side. But, their leader boards also have the capabilities to turn your rowmates into a team, with mini-races between the three rows of bikes or between even and odd bikes. So this way it’s like you’re building teamwork while being competitive – interesting right? A few of the instructors even incorporate a little bit of dancing into the class (I see you Keir and Amanda) which makes it way more fun. One last unique piece of Cyclebar class is that near the end of class, the lights turn off, candles are turned on and you get to go at your own pace to a slower song. Usually this is a good time to take a little break and really feel the music (eyes closed) but I take this time to really push home and get to the top of the leaderboard (just a tip there!). I have honestly loved every single instructor I’ve had for different reasons. I already mentioned how fun Keir and Amanda’s classes are, and Jesse makes me work and pushes me so hard (I’ve taken the most of her classes!) while Richard definitely knows the right music to play. Also, classes are just about 50 minutes long instead of the usual 45, so more calories burned!

Amenities | This is where Cyclebar really stands out from any other cycle studio I’ve visited. The only thing you need to bring to class is yourself (and socks). They’ve thought of everything else: shoes, towels, hair ties, even free water bottles and water. Yes, all of those red water bottles you see are free. Every. Single. Time. I’m now to the point where I bring my own from home to save my kitchen from being overrun with them, but I love the security of them being there if I somehow forget. After class is where it’s at. Cold lavender towels at the door as you exit – there’s literally nothing better. This is one of my favorite parts of yoga class and I’m so happy they incorporate it here. Also snacks. Fruit all day every day, and sometimes snack bars. Yep, they even cater brunch on the weekends and Happy Hour on Friday’s… it’s heaven. The bathrooms and showers are fully stocked as well.

I know this was a long post, but I feel super passionately about this studio. Since I’ve been going for the past 2 weeks, most of the employees know me by now (shout to my girl, Tia), they’re all so helpful and friendly and inviting, and the instructors rock. I love it so much that I 100% am not being paid to write this post – proof, I even purchased a 50 class pack. So now you know it’s true.

If you’re in the Dunwoody area, I highly suggest at least trying out this studio, because I know you’ll be hooked. They are doing a 10-10-10 challenge right now, so if you purchase 10 classes, and go to 10 classes before June 20, you get 10 free! (Big savings.) And classes are also 20% off online for a limited time. Come join me!

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